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A Day in the Life of McLovin'

Even though this one of the most ratchet pics we’ve ever take but it’s okay because it’s your birthday my love. I miss you more than any ratchet ho in the world. College got us goin all different directions but I hope you remember what you told me last night because I really do miss the crap out of you my darlin! Happy birthday you crazy girl

The other side the other side the other side of me #tbt

Are y’all getting tired of my downtown selfies? #toobad #sorryimnot

Actually giving me life @snookinic @emmylouxoxo

Honeys @nitetown on ladies night #whatyoudoinintheclubonathursday #wilin @1079ishot

Happy National Siblings Day

remembering something funny in public, but trying to hold it in




my edit


my edit

You’re like a drug and I need my daily dose.


Female comics are my life


Shang’s journey to self discovery as told by me

In honor of sunshine, throwbacks, and @hannahrosedugas #tbt #seniortrip