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A Day in the Life of McLovin'

This is exactly what it looks like #shakeitlikeapolaroidpicture #polaroid thank you @jordancgore for capturing Ashley and me’s relationship via trendy Polaroid film

iPhone cameras will never cease to amaze me

Thank you @countryboytyj @jamiedavis for nominating me for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge I do not have $100, so ice it is. I would like to nominate @jjfourn @misscarriewray and @mattpearinc. Y’all can either donate $100 to www.als.org/donate or get dunked with Ice. You have 24 hours. GOOD LUCK! #flashdance

After all the rain you’ll see the sun come out again #allmyladiesifyafeelmehelpmesingitout

This actually made my day

The focus

I could legit have my own reality tv show called “shit luck”

Weekly #selfiesunday in box office featuring my biggest fan because that joke hasn’t been played out yet #jk

Pewl dai

Oh lawd is this guhs birday doe. Hope yu hve a gewd dai and u ar ah bewtyfewl princeys! Lerv yu ewdles! 😘😘

Picked this one up off of Ambassador

If BeyoncΓ© and Carrie Underwood had twins..

But like I love my hair! THANK YOU @michelenasmith

Dogs love me too, okay? @michelenasmith ft mah new black hair #backinblack

Idk how to appealingly bite my lower lip.